UBUS - Peace of mind throughout the way

UBUS is an advanced transportation service whose goal is to reduce the cost of transportation and to provide the best price consideration the distance and transportation times.

In the modern world where many actions are made using the internet, a fact causing every branch to be more competitive, more professional, more exposed and accessible to everyone, it seems most natural to develop a system that is accessible to all who use transportation services in order to transport groups and allow them to receive an attractive price offer for the next planed trip.

If you are a company manger, travel agent, workers committee or any other authority searching for a solution for transporting for a large or small group of people around the country, you have reached the right place!

For you exactly we developed a web system which is possible to operate out of any computer, tablet or cell phone and by using it you can plan and book your next transport.

UBUS offers you a wide variety of transportation services starting from busses and midi buses through minibuses and vans for a smaller party or passengers.

The UBUS arena unites a team of expert, professional drivers and high standard vehicles, with a large availability and attractive prices at your service for short and long trips around the country.

The service is suitable for every purpose- trips, transportation to events, transportation to institutes and more. UBUS management aspires to give the best service to its clients, starting from sticking to a precise time schedule, personal treatment and up to emphasizing on travel safety and passenger safety.

Our partners are the leading companies in the market with the highest service awareness. The transportations are done with the must elegant vehicles with courteous drivers and commitment for a personal dedicated service.

We supervise the transportation companies and make sure they maintain their vehicles according to the department of transportation requirements.

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Additional services

Out of concern and understanding of deferent types of populations, in UBUS you can receive transportation services for the handicap and disabled populations as well. We can arrange special accessible busses built specially for handicap and disabilities. To receive details please contact our UBUS representative using the online form in the "contact us" page or press here to contact us.